During an interview on CBS, called 60minutes, the world saw that Former USA president Jimmy Carter and his wive ride a Trikke to stay fit...

The story behind President Carter’s Trikke adoption…. 
Jack Carter, President and Mrs. Carter's eldest son, has been a Trikke enthusiast for at least four years. He thought that his mom and dad might also like carving, so he called Lisa and Lawrence Perkins of Atlanta Trikke / Team Mart and purchased two Trikke 8's for his parents as gifts.  He asked Lisa if she would mind delivering them to the Carter Center and helping the Carters get started riding; she was thrilled to oblige!  On a busy day at the Carter Center on January 20, 2010, Lisa and Lawrence met the Carters, introduced them to their new Trikkes, and got them started with the basics of carving. 
In early March, President and Mrs. Carter invited the Perkins family to their home in Plains, Georgia to continue their Trikke training.  Apparently, they had really taken to it well, and were already riding gracefully and powerfully. President Carter requested that Lawrence train him on hills, and Lisa helped Mrs. Carter fine-tune her riding skills on their tennis court.  From what Lawrence tells us, the President really goes after it and attacks the hills. He will not be beaten by hills, wind, etc. He has a LOT of willpower and stamina! 
Rosalynn Carter is quoted in The San Francisco Chronicle as regularly enjoying riding about 50 laps around their tennis court on a daily basis to stay in shape.  In August, President Carter told Lisa that they ride their Trikkes two to three miles each day when they are at home in Plains.
Paragraph below is extracted from a personal  letter President Carter sent to John Simpson, CEO of Trikke Tech Inc.
Below is a photo of President Jimmy Carter riding in the Peanut Festival Parade on September 25, 2010 in which he invited Atlanta Trikke to participate; also, President and Mrs. Carter with Lisa and Lawrence Perkins and their kids, Madison and Clay the following day after church services.
To the Carters and to Lisa and Lawrence Perkins we can only say: Trikke on!