Features include expanded information port-lets, improved navigation, better to maintain and multilingual.

Trikke Europe – since 2003 exclusive European distributor for Trikke carving vehicles - has been actively distributing healthy, functional and fun-sport vehicles throughout the European continent. To further accommodate growth and to reflect the healthy and green image, the companies’ website was in need of a major overhaul.

What’s Trikke? The Trikke carving vehicles are a green and sporty alternative for both sport and
transport utility. The line of product is best divided in 3 categories: Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) for health, ultralight Personal Transporter (Trikke uPT) for green mobility and SKKI for easy skiing.

The main difference that our current visitors will notice, is the new colour of our logo. After 7 years of ‘red’ we made a switch to ‘green’. We feel that the ‘green’ fit’s better to the brand and supports the ‘healthy and clean mobility’ message. 

The new website is currently offered in 5 languages and as we grow, the website can grow. New languages and local news from our partners can be added almost instantly. This will make growth into new territories a lot easier. Next to that, new partners don’t need to invest time or money on new web-design and content writing.

Online order placement for both consumers and dealers is made easier with the integrated Netsuite® web-shop and order handling system. All specific details on products and business conditions are automatically update when a consumer or retailer logs in.  With the integration to our warehouse, we can process orders fast and accurate. This results in an improved lead-time from order to shipment and delivery.

With this new website Trikke Europe will continue to grow, in a larger territory, with new models and our best service.