The time trial for footbikes - 3CV's (Trikke) and unicycles. 
The is wind blowing you forward and the sun shines in your face, endless sea and a great atmosphere in the Zeehoeve after the race. Saturday May 29 2010 the 28th edition of the Afsluitdijk time trial will take place. The scooter race is part of the Dutch Kickbike Cup, but is open to everyone. It's a great event.
It's sort of 'self research' on a mega dyke in the middle of the former sea arm of the North Sea. Wind, sea, screaming birds, a special atmosphere, enthousiastic time trial freaks, it's the place to be... 'This dyke is realy no joke, a real challenge'

A large part of the Netherlands is below sea level. The Afsluitdijk blocks the high sea for a large and important part of the Netherlands. It's a straigt 32 km closure dyke through the sea. One straight line of ticking race clock in your mind. 
Once you crossed the IJsselmeer there is a suprise waiting for you because it's still 5 km to the finish line :) Send in your entry now via this form >

The Afsluitdijk celebrated it's 75th birthday in 2007. De long seadyk is build in the former Zuiderzee to protect central Netherlands from high water! More info click here!

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