Here are the results of the sixth International Trikke Skki Championships  FAKRO Cup 2013.

This event has two stages:

The first competition is a very fast, exciting and dangerous Skki extreme Cross. Driving down the woods on a 2 km long small track with 23 turns. The track provides a lot of excitement and requires a lot of courage from the riders.

Surprisingly, the winner Miroslaw Dudała, presented a precise, smooth ride all the way, all three of his runs were very good. He made close to zero mistakes and won the Skki Track Stage. The difference between the first and second place was minimal, 0.47 hundredths shows fierce competition for the top spot. Michael Rzeszutek lost by 1 CM, maybe less. Great contest!

The next competition is a Giant Slalom which was played on a slope in Wierchomla.

Slalom was set to ride very technical, require precise driving on the edge, a smooth crossing gates. Interesting and technical competition.

The women competing on the slalom had their work cut out on this sharp, steep and challenging slope. They handled the turns and Trikke Skki very well and each presented a nice and smooth ride, yet sharp on the edge. Winner was the all time favorite, Eve Świderska !

In the men's category this years winner was an unexpected player from the UK: Nabeel Arshad. He drove perfectly, precisely and with a perfect technique he showed excellent control over the Trtikke Skkiand won the Giant Slalom! Congratulations!

Here is a news report of the race on TVP , please watch the segment as of 10 min 42 seconds.

Here are the full results of the competition.