On Thursday 16 September 2010, Trikke will participate with the (electric) cycle show on the esplanade of the European Parliament in Brussels. 
The show, organized by ETRA, is aimed at making members of the European Parliament and Commission staff aware of the potential of (electric) cycling in urban transport. The event is part of Mobility Week. Every year, the EU dedicates the week from 16 till 22 September to the promotion of sustainable transport.

With this event ETRA wants to illustrate how easy it is for short trips to swap the car for a greener means of transport by showing contemporary (electric) bicycles, like he Trikke uPT for urban transport. 

The event will have two main political themes:
- cyclists' safety in anticipation of the new Road Safety Action Programme for the period 2011 - 2021
- the inclusion of electric bicycles in the European electric mobility policies