Winter is here and snow is slowly covering the streets of European cities. Make sure your Trikke is top fit for next season.

For all Trikke vehicles:
- Visually inspect the entire vehicle, check for excessive wear and pay attention to abnormal behavior or noise. 
- Clean the frame with a brush or damp cloth.
- Check if all bolts are tightened. 
Check manual for the correct torque. 

- Lubricate moving parts and cambering joint with machine oil. 
           Just one drop is sufficient
- When you disassemble components marine grease can also be used after cleaning old grease and dirt from the parts.  
- Wheels and steering uses sealed bearings and are maintenance free.
- Test your brakes: adjust if needed. (see manual)

For Electric vehicles:
- Never let your battery completely discharged. 
- Connect it to the charger whenever you can. 
- During storage in wintertime prevent frost. 
- Store your battery in a cool place and charge every 2 months. 
- Do not store the battery on the Trikke to prevent "power-leak". 
- Make sure the key is in position off.

- When you have been driving in very wet conditions, water or damp can accumulate in the motor housing. 
       - Unscrew the drainage plug-bolt form the motor.
       - Tape a small piece of cloth or paper-towel over to draining hole and let the motor run free at full speed in the air.
       - Make sure to wait until the motor has stopped before placing back on the floor. 

For more mainenance tips and tricks you can also check your manual online.
T67/T78  -  T8/T12  -  Electric