BCNeTOURS has the philosophy to inspire Barcelona's tourists with the beauty of the city; on Trikke!​
BCNeTOURS has been created by a young team, which is the biggest fan of Barcelona, because of its many beautiful places, the history, the people and the great opportunities to discover something new. We want to hand on this feeling that it is easy to fall in love with and Barcelona is always surprising!
We created a huge amount of tours of any types with the aim to present you an exclusive variety of city routes -either by walking, cycling, motorbikes or Trikke. 
If it is about famous places, parks, countryside, overview places, graffities, special houses, forbidden corners or the special about every single quarter -we found it out for you and prepared wonderful ideas to present you an amazing Barcelona!
Discover our tours and the easy way to go by electric vehicles in an economic way. ​