We are very proud to announce that the electric Trikke product line will be "Made in Holland".

Since the introduction of the Trikke product in Europe, already 10 years ago, we have delivered high quality products with a long life cycle.   We are very proud of this high quality standard and we want to improve it even further! So we will assemble the Trikke products in the Netherlands, starting with the Trikke electric product line.

New name

The new electric Trikke from Dutch soil will come with a new name: Trikke eV5. The eV5 is based on the current 48V model and will be available in black and white. Later this year also in limited quantity in blue and yellow. 

The upgrades on the Trikke eV5 are:
- "Animal free" leather handgrips - for more grip and shock absorption.
- Bundled brake & throttle cables - for design and more protection.
- Upgraded controller - for a smoother start.
- Improved charger, 4-5 hours (2.0A) - for longer battery life.
   The fast charger can be ordered separately
- Rewritten manual - better instruction and service. 

Introduction and opening

Video by Trikke Poland