Trikke Global Network Company
We offer smart mobility solutions for urban mobility, security, logistics and adventure tours.
What is Trikke?
Trikke is the leading brand for 3 wheeled carving scooters. A patented 3CV cambering mechanisme is at the hart of each Trikke vehicle. Trikke carving vehicles are used for sports, personal transport, security, tours and even for downhill ski...
Who invented it?
The Trikke carving vehicle was invented by Gildo Beleski. He is still developing the vehicles from California (USA), he does this together with the R&D team in Brazil based on feedback from the global Trikke market.
Where is it made?
Trikke is a global network company with its main production facility in China. Local assembly lines can be found in the USA, the Netherlands, Poland and Brazil.
What's next?
The development of Trikke vehicles is tuned up and models are being developed and improved rapidly. We went from the streets to the snow and from pure sport to full electric... And there is much more to come!

What do our customers say?



    "Trikke EV and Athens go hand in hand. When we go out on tours daily and always come back with smiling faces." - Nikos Sarafidis


    "Great mobility, quick response when needed. People moved out of the way for the Trikke far more readily than being on foot or on a bicycle." - Sacremento Airport Sherif 


    "I cannot image a commute without a Trikke, whether it is direct from home to work or a combination of the car and Trikke EV as last-mile solution". - Eliseo Hernandez


    “I lost 40 pounds, regained overall strength and fitness, stopped the pain of arthritis in my knees, and made a ton of new friends who also want to enjoy life, stay fit, and explore new places to ride. I love the curious smiles I get when people see the TRIKKE. I’m always happy to tell them about it.” - Carol Bennet
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About Trikke Europe

Trikke Europe aims to further develop the Trikke Electric Vehicles and position them as the best and most sold personal light electric vehicles. Cities will become a healthier place to be with Light Electric Vehicles. The Trikke sports recreational vehicles will get people fit and outdoors.

Made in Holland

We strive to bring the best product to our customers, therefore the Trikke eV5 and eV6 models are made in Holland. From our assembly line in Putten we can deliver customised solutions to our customers, such as a special Security vehicles.

Use on public roads

In most EU countries the Trikke EV is legal for use on public roads in accordance with various laws and regulations. Our Sports vehicles are classified as bikes and can be used on bike-paths, parks or sidewalks.


Tailored Individual transport: I-Mobility. ‘Transport that fits’ is essential for the efficient use of the (urban) public space. Trikke offers a unique vehicle; light, fast and safe, appropriate to the need of mobility in the urban environment for a lot of people.


Frequently Asked Questions

In most EU countries the Trikke EV is classified as an e-bike and can be used on public roads. In several countries like Germany and The Netherlands additional approval and insurance is needed.
There are various Trikke Electric vehicles and ranges vary between 15 and 40km of range. The most sold model the eV5 has a range of 25-30km and this is sufficient to cross any EU city!
The Trikke vehicles can be bought at you local dealer or online. Check out if there is a dealer near you in the dealer locator.

Trikke in use...

Join a daily Trikke Adventure Tour in: Athens, Budapest, Paris, Barcelona, Fuerteventura and many more.
Trikke EV Security models are used daily at Maastricht University & Hospital in the Netherlands.
In all mayor cities you will be able to spot a Trikke rider on it's daily commute.

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